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Symbolic Apparel

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Forward thinking Fabrics | Ancient Symbolism |

We transform beech trees into lightweight luxury apparel that fits and feels like a second skin.

Our Tencel™ micromodal fabrics represent contemporary technology pushing the boundaries of comfort, quality and sustainability.

Weaving the richness of symbolism and myth from our Greek heritage into many collections to come is what drives us.

Redefined Design

Lean lines and the fitted varsity design form the core of Hector & Ajax styling. Taking classical cues from Ancient Greece, we’ve re-imagined the great symbols of our past for the present and the future. All woven into light, breathable and eco-aware materials with a refined minimalist aesthetic.

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Striking Colours

Bold hues of fiery red, sunglow yellow, skylike indigo, deep blue and white. We create tactile apparel that gives silk a run for its money in softness and shimmer while cut from very durable and wrinkle resistant fabrics.

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A little luxury where it counts

Undergarments that offer supreme comfort, especially around the waist. Made from highly breathable Lyocell fabrics with outstanding moisture-wicking properties, Hector & Ajax is designed to keep your style clean, while keeping you fresh.

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The legend behind our name

Hector and Ajax, fought each other in Homer’s epic, The Iliad.
Their duel symbolises true valour, honour and sacrifice.
The two princes find themselves on a battlefield with many dying when the gods inspire a decision to end the bloodshed by having single combat determine the winner.

In our eyes it’s a tale that inspires to find the warrior spirit that lies inside everyone of us. To fight bravely for our vision and dreams, while honouring what we want to defeat.

We imagine many interconnected genuinely sustainable clothing companies working together to make slow fashion of high quality take over the marketspace in a hurry.

More on us and the myth behind our name in the about section.

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