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Tailored Ts | Breathable Trunks

We weave beech tree cellulose into lightweight luxury
apparel that fits and feels like a second skin.

Thinly woven breathable garments soft as silk,
yet robust and highly elastic.

Genuinely sustainable as well.

Redefined design

Bold colours, lean lines and refined minimalism will always form the common thread in our stories.

Taking classical cues from our Greek symbolic heritage and varsity style over time;

We make forward thinking fashion for those who don’t mind eyes on them.

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Natural frequencies

Bold colours signal vibrancy in both nature and culture.
Ts tailored to a dynamic life filled with purpose and energy.
Cut from breathable Tencel™ micromodal fabrics with their
signature softness, strength and eco-consciousness.

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Real quality where it counts

From scorching getaways passed rugged coastlines,
to everyday getting your hustle on around town,
these will keep you feeling fresh and clean.
Crafted for comfort, showing up, and showing out.

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The myth behind our name

Hector and Ajax were two princes who fought each other
Homer’s epic, The Iliad.

Ajax was a colossal warrior, symbolising raw power.
Hector the swift and agile royalty beaming poise.

The fighting was fierce, but when it was called a draw
they praised each other, and sealed their friendship
with the exchange of gifts.

Their myth symbolises the transcending force of true courage,
tenacity, strength of body and worth of mind.  

It reminds us to be brave, grow out of our comfort zones,
seek out a real challenge that rings true, and just like
the two mythical figures involved,

“Demand the fight!”

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