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Design Redefined

Colourful minimalism with a charismatic edge. At the core of Hector & Ajax styling lies the fitted varsity design. Taking classical cues from our Greek heritage, we’ve evolved the great symbols of our past and re-styled them for the present. All woven into light, breathable and eco-conscious materials.

Beyond fashion

We believe in the strength of conviction, the uninhibited expression of character, and the pursuit of a goal. We craft the finest quality garments to accompany you on your journey.

Designed for comfortable, relaxed living. Refined for style that’s as enduring as it is distinctive. All while respecting our environment.

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When standing out from the crowd is as easy as blending in

We weave our understated aesthetic, bold colour palette and eco-conscious commitment into our T-shirts. The ideal base for everyday comfort in the varsity style.

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Everyday wear doesn’t have to mean everyday quality

Sustainably sourced with a softness that lasts. We believe in getting the foundations right before you take on the day. Where form, fit and function meet in perfect harmony.

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The legend behind our name

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Heroes of the Trojan War, Hector and Ajax, fought each other in Homer’s epic, The Iliad.

The colossal Ajax volunteered to be Hector’s opponent and the two princes battled valiantly. As night fell, a draw was declared, and in honour of their bravery, they exchanged gifts: a purple sash given to Hector and a sword to Ajax.

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