Ethical Luxury

Ethical Luxury

London ∞ Athens

Tailored to a dynamic life with the style to match our garments beam intensity by drawing from deep blues, striking yellows and rich, fiery reds. Forever inspired by the vibrant colours and shapes in our mediterranean skies, coasts and heritage. 

We love bringing together minimalist aesthetics and lean lines with the fitted form of classic varsity styling. Working with next generation luxury fabrics that are genuinely eco-aware has always been a given not a goal. 

Inspiration for Transformation

As we speak our global village is hurtling into a wholly new era at mind bending speeds.  

We believe that in these times of hypermodernity there is much inspiration and perspective to be found in the past. Hector & Ajax sees great value and beauty in the time transcending wisdom preserved by the ancients in symbolism and myth.

Minimalism beyond its aesthetic virtues has a lot to offer in this regard as well. 

Weaving the richness and drama of these elements into many collections to come drives us without end.


The myth of Hector & Ajax

Ajax, a colossal warrior and the personification of brute force. Hector, the swift and agile fighter full of elegance. A battle of duality was captured in single combat with the two princes symbolising the transcending force of true valour, tenacity and honour.

They fought from sunrise to sundown and until they were rewarded for their valiance by the creators of the course of their lives, the gods who called it a draw. True to the warrior’s code embodied by the duo praise was exchanged, and even gifts to seal an agreement of parting ways that day as friends, and reuniting the next day to finish the fight.

Greek gods embody one or more sacred animals connected to them when they make their way down Mount Olympus into the mortal world. Ajax is symbolised by a noble horse and on the right a soaring eagle in Hector diving towards him, connecting sky to earth in our logo.

All Hector & Ajax clothes are made by a decades-old family business based near Thessaloniki. We chose these partners for their commitment to environmental responsibility and an uncompromising dedication to quality.

Naturally sustainable

From how our raw materials are harvested, to the recyclable packaging in which your garments arrive; taking care of the environment underpins everything we do.

Throughout the whole manufacturing process we’re committed to supporting the planet and helping local communities thrive. Our LENZING™ micromodal Lyocell fabrics consists of cellulose from beech trees grown on land that’s not suitable for any other agricultural purpose. More than 99 percent of the wood used comes from sustainable forestry. It is certified or controlled according to FSC® (FSC-C041246) and / or PEFC ™ (PEFC/06-33-92).

Lyocell is arguably the most eco-friendly fabric. Not only is it sourced from organic and renewable sources, but it is processed via a low energy, low water, closed-loop system that recycles over 99.5% of the chemicals/solvents used in production, with the remaining 0.5% discharged as non-hazardous effluent. Furthermore, the fabric is highly durable (it is used in conveyor belts) and thus long lasting. And when your product’s time has come you have nothing to worry about as it is 100% biodegradable. The trees used for lyocell do not require pesticides, fertilizers, or irrigation.

This is a good time to differentiate between lyocell and TENCEL™, for although they are nearly identical in process and feel, TENCEL™ is the more sustainable fabric. TENCEL™ is a branded form of lyocell by the respected Austrian company Lenzing AG, which is an industry leader in sustainability and who ensure that their trees are sourced from sustainably managed non-GMO woodlots. 

To produce it, our fabric requires 20x less water than cotton and 3x less water than other viscose materials.

Hector & Ajax is also a member of 1% for the Planet pledge – a global nonprofit movement of eco-conscious businesses. By directly supporting a diverse range of environmental solutions through annual membership, we’re helping to create a greener planet as our company grows.

We’re at the start of our journey. So we might not be perfect, but we’re committed to constantly doing better.

1% For the Planet
1% For the Planet

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